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At Gray Feather CFO, we are analytical, creative, and innovative. As your Fractional CFO, we deliver valuable insights in a clear and succinct manner. As your financial leader, we inspire and empower your team to realize its potential. As your Trusted Financial Partner, we provide Board of Director & Trustee responsibilities with an unwavering commitment to candor and integrity.


Kevin O’Brien, CPA, CFA

Founder & Managing Member


Kevin is a strategic financial leader with over 17 years of progressive financial experience in the areas of Corporate Finance, Treasury Management, and Accounting. Kevin graduated Cum Laude from Loyola University Chicago in 2005 with a B.B.A. in Accounting & Finance and earned his CPA license while working as an auditor at Perry-Smith, LLP (n/k/a Crowe Horwath).


Over the following 10 years, Kevin worked in various Corporate Accounting & Finance roles where he achieved acclaim for his efficiency, his ability to focus on the bigger picture, and his process improvement abilities. Examples of his process improvement achievements include:

  • Reduced payment processing time from 10.2 days to 2.1 days while working cross-functionally at Tallgrass Energy.
  • Tightened the month end close process from 5.0 days to 0.5 days at George T. Sanders Company.

​Kevin was promoted to Chief Financial Officer at George T. Sanders Company in 2019 and led various initiatives to improve the company, including regular presentations at Board Meetings, oversight of an ERP migration, and the construction of sophisticated KPI dashboards. Kevin represented the Company on various large transactions, including negotiation and contract review on several commercial real estate transactions.


Jonathan is a highly skilled and experienced consultant to Gray Feather CFO. With a decade of experience in financial leadership, he has demonstrated expertise in overseeing a diverse range of responsibilities including Treasury, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Insurance, Risk Management, and FP&A across different industries, including oil and gas infrastructure and the airline industry.


Jonathan’s project management acumen, coupled with his exceptional analytical abilities, has earned him swift recognition and career advancement, successfully overseeing vital contracting RFPs, and managing cash and debt balances totaling over $1 billion.


Despite his extensive experience at large public companies, Jonathan possesses a unique passion for private businesses. He believes in bringing scalable efficiencies, automation, and the latest innovations to provide an outsized value for our clients, all of which are supported by his firm commitment to fiduciary responsibility as a Colorado licensed CPA.


Jonathan E. Murphy, CPA

Financial Leadership


Charles Gonzales

Executive Assistant


Charles is a seasoned freelancer with over 10 years of diverse professional experience, where expertise meets excellence. In his time on Upwork since 2016, Charles has navigated various industries and roles, adapting seamlessly to diverse client needs. Charles has been a dynamic force on Upwork, his proficiency knows no bounds, showcasing his versatility and reliability as a freelancer. With over a decade of professional experience, including several years as a virtual executive/administrative assistant, he has mastered an extensive array of tasks, from simple tasks to complex processes.


With a reputation for reliability and a proactive approach, Charles excels in taking ownership of tasks, thinking independently, and executing projects with precision. He thrives in environments where he can work autonomously, demonstrating the ability to perform tasks with minimal supervision while maintaining a sharp focus on detail.


Beyond his freelance work, Charles spent a few years at Accenture, honing his skills in accounts payable. Starting from the ground up, he swiftly rose to a leadership role, managing teams and overseeing complex processes with finesse. His commitment to delivering exceptional results is evident with his flawless ‘100% Job Success’ score and his ‘Top Rated Plus’ status on Upwork which represents the top 3% of performers on Upwork.