Fiduciary & Advisory

Our Pledge

At Gray Feather Financial, integrity, and candor are core values. We have earned the trust and respect of our clients through an unwavering commitment to integrity and honesty. We offer a candid, independent opinion and we aspire to serve on your Board of Directors. We offer Trustee services to ensure your final wishes are honored and we ensure that your beneficiaries are prepared for the financial challenges that life may throw their way. We understand what it means to be a Fiduciary and we always put the interests of our clients first.

  • Independent Board Member

    We are your independent Board Member that provides the critical feedback that makes your company stronger.

  • Trustee, Fiduciary, and Personal Representative Services

    We are your Trustee, Fiduciary, and Personal Representative that will ensure your final wishes are realized.

  • Investment Advisory

    We are your investment advisor that ensures your portfolio is built to last and appropriate with your risk tolerance.

  • Personal Financial Review and Goalsetting

    We are your (and/or your beneficiary’s) personal financial coach that will help you define your financial goal and establish a plan for achieving it.

  • Notary Services

    We offer notarial services in the State of Colorado.